Recommended Childhood Vaccinations
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This immunization schedule is based on the OK BY ONE Schedule developed by the Oklahoma State Department of Health.

The Oklahoma Caring Van Program


The Oklahoma Caring Van Program delivers immunizations to protect children and adolescents from dangerous illnesses at no cost to their families. The Oklahoma Caring Van Program is uniquely designed to eliminate barriers that commonly prevent children from receiving on-time, age-appropriate immunizations in traditional health care settings.

Since the program began in October 1999, thousands of children have received immunizations from registered immunization nurses aboard the Caring Vans. Immunization information is entered in the Oklahoma State Immunization Information System (OSIIS) so children's vaccine history is readily available.


The Caring Vans travel to licensed child care centers, schools and community locations statewide.

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Oklahoma Immunization Facts

  • Children need 75% of vaccinations by age two.
  • Immunizations prevent or minimize the effects of 11 serious infections that can cause disease, disability and death.